Travelport Enhanced Itinerary

Travelport Enhanced Itinerary is an add-on application running on Galileo Desktop that allows users to produce itineraries for pnrs that are resident on the Galileo systems. The itineraries produced can be emailed, printed or copied to 3rd party applications such as MS-Word. It allows a great deal of flexibility in the presentation of itineraries. This flexibility is achieved through the use of different layouts (HTML and plain text) and a set of options. Some of the notable features include :

  • Ability to display Group pnrs
  • Linkage to Viewtrip (incl. White Label)
  • Email/Print/”Save as a file” of itineraries, individually or as a group, in HTML or plain text
  • View itinerary  in html or text formats
  • Ability to add corporate logos, and header and footer text
  • Selectability of one, or more,  passengers, segments and eTickets

Click here to view the demo