Travelport Smartpoint App

Travelport Smartpoint App evolves the Galileo Desktop with dynamic and interactive technology that dramatically improves travel agents productivity and reduces training, saving agencies time and money

  • Supporting commands from any GDS enabling an agent to hit the ground running whatever GDS language they are used to with no need for re-training.
  • Substantially reducing keystrokes for the overall booking process by 15% and up to 72% when searching for the ‘best’ and itinerary to match traveler needs.
  • Simplifies search processes, enabling agents to book travel options faster and easier including hotels and car rental
  • Allowing agents to use point-and-click functionality across the board to search low fares, book flights, hotels and car rentals, manage queues and travel bookings etc.
  • Building on how agents work today and enabling them to be operational in minutes with a download and go set-up