Queue Control Console (QCC)

Propelling efficiency through queue automation

Efficiency can make your travel business stronger. Managing queues and issuing tickets are time-consuming tasks. They tend to weigh down your sales staff, complicate back-office processes and place obstacles on our path to efficiency and growth. Turning these tasks over to proven technology allows you to concentrate on more profitable areas of your business.

Queue up for simplicity – it’s only a click away The Travelport Queue Control Console solution is a Web based tool that automates an area of your business. The console lets you automatically action queues and related tasks through a preset criteria engine that you can control. Queue distribution, ticket issuance and many related tasks have been automated to drive efficiency.                                                                                      

Designed so you can log-in from anywhere, at any time

  • The console is easily accessed over a secure website with assigned credentials.
  • Your administrator or other users simply need Internet access and a common Web browser, such as Internet Explorer®, Google Chrome® or Firefox®.
  • There is no dependence on a particular system or travel agency desktop.
  • The solution is optimised for mobile devices, including tablets.
  • It is not necessary to download any applications on to your users’ devices.
  • It doesn’t matter how bookings are placed onto a queue for action.

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