Search Control Console

New search tool empowers travel agents

Travelport’s Search Control Console is the only web-based solution of its kind that enables agencies to configure air shopping search parameters according to individual traveler needs. For example, agents can use the application to eliminate particular transit airports that they know from experience have a poor customer experience, or prohibit a connection point for a set time period if the area has been affected by a volcanic ash cloud or another natural disaster. The Search Control Console removes the burden of labor-intensive ‘intelligence coding’, or the need to continually send instructions to frontline sales staff, saving both time and money.

Agencies can also leverage the Travelport Search Control Console to achieve important financial objectives. Search modifiers within the application can be applied to meet airline sales targets. The Travelport Search Control Console application is available to subscribers of the Apollo™, Galileo™ and Worldspan™ systems worldwide. For more information, visit the TravelportTube (

Examples of how the Travelport Search Control Console brings greater business agility and helps lower costs:

  • Online travel agencies (OTA) can present only the most relevant options to meet their customer’s needs without undertaking coding projects in their systems to enforce rules and parameters.
  • Multi-branch agencies can centrally govern rules and parameters based on the locations of its branches with pseudo city codes (PCC), removing the need to constantly provide detailed instructions to sales staff.
  • Businesses in general can better manage compliance in line with their travel policies, prioritizing preferred suppliers and incorporating other corporate travel guidelines.

Examples of Travelport Search Control Console parameters include:

  • Restrict overnight itineraries
  • Travel effective and discontinue dates
  • Restrict maximum ground time
  • Restrict carrier transfers
  • Direct flight preference
  • Restrict flight or flight number ranges
  • Etc.