Travelport Mobile Agent

For TMC, leisure and mixed leisure/business customers

Mobility, globalization, and the media have been changing significantly the working methods of organizations. The availability of applications and services through mobile devices in order to combine the convenience, functionality and speed is now a differentiator used by most companies. Travelport Mobile Agent (TMA) is an indispensable tool for travel agencies and their agents that want to be competitive in an industry that never sleeps and where the immediate response and customer service are a must for business success. By delivering an easy, fast and hassle free way to connect to the Travelport Apollo, Travelport Galileo and Travelport Worldspan environments, from any location, using an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android device TMA enables the modern travel agent to be productive even when outside the office.

Benefits :

  • With TMA, the time between starting the application and being connected to the GDS is around 3 seconds.
  • By being available on iPhone and android smartphones, you don’t need to carry any additional device, assuming you always take your phone and for a bigger screen, you can also run in on iPad and Android tablets.
  • TMA is mobile, hassle free and runs on any Apple iOS device (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) or Android device.
  • TMA is available via your Smartphone and always ready to give you access to the Travelport travel commerce platform, even on the slowest internet connections